Sunday, July 26, 2009

Is It So Bad?


They say the only thing harder than being in love is being alone.

I’ve thought about this, and I agree and disagree with that statement. I think it varies from person to person. Not everyone is going to take single-life so hard, and some people are going to take being in love like it was the most natural thing ever. There are always two sides to every story. Why does it have to be painful either way: It’s all a matter of point of view.

I think the statement above rings truer with women (not really sure how a guy would take it).

I’ve been around women who are freaking out because they’re thirty and still single. The problem is they don’t try to go meet single guys; they just sit around and hang out with married couples. Great way to meet Mr. Right. But maybe I’m being a little too hard on them. It must be hard watching all of your friends fall in love and walk down the aisle; every year that passes adds to the growing despair. Alone.

Looking at my own personal life, I thought I found love in the eyes of a then sixteen year old boy. Those five months were the best I’ve ever had, and I don’t regret a second of it. I got passed my whole commitment issue: I really did love this boy. Once it was over, I slowly moved on. Of course, it took a lot of distractions to do so. Sometimes I find myself wanting a boy to love, and other times I find myself praying for a lifetime of singlehood.

Maybe in the end both are bittersweet. Perhaps it will be a age-old mystery.

I guess I’m just an adultolescent who’s grabbing in the darkness for the answer. Is it so bad to be in love? Is it so bad to be alone?


A little Princess said...

Hello Lovely,
It does suck so much when there's that emptiness. But it's true that once you stop looking things start to happen. My old friend simon is always searching for the love of his life, he always has new girls but he really can't find love and it hurts him so much.

I guess it's just good to enjoy every moment in life and take little steps each day to make a difference in the world! AA style - just one day at a time!

Have a fab week girlie xoxo

Lenore said...

It took me ages to realize my a jackass :p and i do feel lonely now. he wont reply to me on facebook, whenever i try to chat with him...if he does, the conversation never lasts...

I dont regret liking him tho...but i do feel wierd...not having that certain someone who makes me fizzy inside...not having someone that i see in the hall at school, and turn red and run away...But I guess thats ok

Im scared if i never fall in scared if i do, and get my heart broken...or if i end up like my parents...i think thats my worst fear ever...

Who knows? maybe you'll find the perfect man!! My friend haley went through crap in her relationships...was cheated on...and was told by her friend that her bf said if she doesnt tell him she loves him he will wanna break up. so she was forced to say i love you and never meant it...somehow they stopped talking...for months...aand one day he called and said "oh hey girlfriend" and she was like, seriously?! Girlfriend?! and they stayed together.....but it was just worse and worse....till she finally dumped him...he messed her up...and she had issues for a while about relationships.

One night she Prayed and prayed, for half an hr...describing the perfect boy..exact personality, traits, even some looks...

then she met lane...she thought he was cute...and started to do her make up a bit more...the first time she talked to him...she complimented his Van halen took her three weeks to do that...after that they talked, got eachothers number, and are now dating. This september, they'll have been dating for a year :) and they wanna stay together for ever...

she said that, God actually took the boy from that prayer, and put him right in front of her...she never had hope that would happen.

always have hope :)


A little Princess said...

Those are perfect words! I'm going to copy and paste them and put them in an inspiration folder xoxo

Lenore said...

haha, I know what you meannn....never found any sunglasses like those, my friend just gave them to me :p

and Yeaa, i feel ya, the idea of a guy is better than really being with one! It really does make perfect sense, i mean, my Him,Carter, the idea of him is great, Tall, plays guitar, same taste in music, great sense of humor...but really...i just have that gut feeling we wouldnt work for too long :P u kno?

I gues we're both just very very confused people...

"I'm just a little girl lost in the moment, im so scared but I dont show it, i cant figure it out, its bringing me down i know, I've got to let it go...and just enjoy the show"

One of my fave songs: The show, by lenka :DD


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