Sunday, November 2, 2008

Welcome to Anger Central.

Anger. I don't think there's a stronger emotion. I would go as far to say anger is stronger then love. It's so easy to get angry over the smallest things. A comment about how you look, your siblings constantly pestering you, or when something doesn't work out exactly how you planned -- all can trigger an immediate response. That response could be a number of things: yelling, hostility, fighting, or even silence. Most of us can't go a day without getting angry about something. Anger can control your every thought and actions. When you are angry, your mind is clouded. Thinking of how you should handle the situation becomes impossible. The right thing to do isn't easily solved, and most of the time we're not concerned with finding the right way.

So what are we to do when anger decides to strike? Seclusion and silence don't necessarily solve the problem. Often the result of the two is bitterness, which is the offspring of anger. What are the other alternatives? Yelling is mindless and bestial; although, most of us choose this method of dealing with anger. Maybe because that's how we learned by seeing others yell at each other. Another tendency we lean towards is passive aggressiveness. We pretend every thing's ok, but all of our reactions are vindictive. All of our anger takes place behind the scenes, catching others off-guard. Then there are some who are brave enough to reveal their anger and confront the person. This may lead to good and resolution or more bad. I don't think we trust method nor do we feel comfortable exposing ourselves to that extent.

Anger can be an obvious emotion to spot. It can leak through our eyes and change our expression. In some cases we refuse to interact with others. Anger whispers in our ears making things appear worse than what actually happened. And the dead give away is when you take your anger out on everyone else. Perhaps scientists should find a cure for anger. Anger really should be classified as a disease. Or we should all sign up for anger management sessions. It is a bigger problem then most are willing to admit.


Anonymous said...

I know. I got made fun of so much at CCD today and I came an inch close to throwing my pen at the girl who kept laughing at me. I actually came quite close, but decided against it. And there was this guy who kept saying "I love you" in this fake-flirty way. He needs that giant pole removed from his backside. Personally, I bottle my anger until I can't take it anymore and I HAVE to say something. I'm so afraid one day I'll just e x p l o d e !

Anonymous said...

I'm not the confronting type. I just grab a hershey's bar and deal with it.

I think people should really express themselves. I bought a diary today, hopefully it'll help. But I wish people would know how they affect me. More people should read 13 Reasons Why.

The Cooking Lady said...

People feel we need to rid ourselves of this emotion, but it is the Yin to the Yang. Without it we would be lost.

Learning to control it is the difficult part, but it can be done. If Vulcan's can do it in Star Trek, then we can at least make thee attempt to calm our savage beast.