Sunday, March 15, 2009

Thinking Ahead.


Right now I'm putting off writing a paper on Uncle Tom's Cabin: I'm tired, and the creative juice just aren't flowing. This weekend has been a busy one. Saturday I had a competition, and right after my last dance I had to book it to Drama. We were practicing some of our dances in a studio, so we could see ourselves in the mirrors. The rehearsal was really fun; I'm just exhausted and sore.

For some reason I've been thinking about life after high school. It's probably because there's less then three months till school's done, SATs are coming, and since the summer is almost here, it's time to find a job. There are certain goals I've set for myself this summer: 1. Get a good paying job 2. Somehow make it to Tennessee. My sister potentially just got an amazing nannying job this summer, and I'm thinking about doing the same thing. I've been a nanny before, so it's right up my ally. Going to Tennessee serves two purposes, USIR is being held there this year, and it would give me a chance to meet P. (it's been awhile since I brought him up).

I'm considering being a live-in nanny because that would open up job opportunities, but we'll see what my parents think.

Now for what's been on my mind for a long time. I've always wanted to move somewhere different after college. It's time for a change, and I can always come back home if things really don't work out. I'm really thinking about moving to Texas. This is partly because my sister already lives there: At least I wont be so alone and helpless. Plus, I could live with her until I got settled down.

Why Texas? I really don't have any other reasons for going there of all places. It being warm there definitely helps. The idea just feels right. My parents wont exactly be thrilled, but I still have time to get things all figured out. I don't have to have everything planned out this second.


Alayna Whisper said...

I want to move somewhere after college too. I don't like it here. lol

Eww the SATs were annoying. And so was the ACT. Of course, I didn't realize there was a science part in it until the day before, so of course that section was terrible.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I've never considered being a live-in nanny. Although it'd be sad when the kids grow up and you must leave.

Anonymous said...

Cute blog.

Nicole Linette said...

Aw, sorry about the SATs.. just took mine last weekend, can't wait to see those scores =:\

It's wierd, having to make decisions like these. But if it's what you truly want, then you should be all set. I hope you can get to Texas!!