Sunday, March 8, 2009


I just got off the phone with K., and that was without a doubt the worst conversation I've ever had. I don't get what's with him. Here's some of the things that happened: He told me he wanted to see The Watchmen, and I adviced him not to. My older sister just saw it and told me all it was just a bunch of blood and sex. Knowing K. didn't want anything to do with sex right now, I told him what my sister told me. Immediately he said he was definitely going to see it now. "Hold up...what?!" That didn't make any sense, so I asked him why he would see it if he's trying to reform his life. "I'm still a guy..." "I'M STILL A GUY?! You've got to be kidding me," I thought. If you're trying not to have certain thoughts, then why would you go and see a movie with sexual content?

"It takes time, Lonely Heart. Change isn't going to happen in one week." I of all people know that. But you can start by not watching (I'm just going to call it what it is) porn. So the whole time I'm listening to him thinking, "He's a hypocrite." I didn't tell him that, yet now I'm thinking I should have. After that, he started calling me a lesbian. "So now he has to be rude." He said he was only kidding cause he knows I'm not, but why say something like that?

On another note, here's a song I started listening to and loved it immediately.

Well I'm in for an insanely busy week: Drama is five days a week now from 3-6, and some how I'll have to fit dance in on Tuesday and Thursday from 6-8. Oh and maybe fit homework somewhere in there.


cady x said...

I hate it when people (especially guys) accuse me of being a lesbian. It's like, excuse me for having standards, unlike SOME people I could mention.

Alayna Whisper said...

*agrees with Cady* It's called having a backbone. Those who don't have standards have no self control.

Lenore said...

"im still a guy"

what?? *speechless*

that is horrible. If he's trying to be a "better person" then he shouldnt give a crap about his male insticts....ewwww...guys are sorta

isnt that the whole point of becoming a better person? Having strrong will and being able to resisit that crap??? wow, i cannot believe it.

and the the lesbian thing....woah. i cannot believe this dude. you're right..."Hypocrite"



Anonymous said...

It's okay, lots of people think I'm a lesbian because I'm creative, dress plainly and I'm not boy crazy. The only person who needs to know is you.

Although I don't know this person, I think hypocrite is an appropriate word.

Anonymous said...

Probably not. But I think I would put on Don't Stop Believing, drown down a bottle of hard liquor and have the day of my life.

Nicole Linette said...

The one thing, above all others I cannot stand, are hypocrites. Sorry K was being all wierd :\ Hopefully he'll recognize what he said.. for his own sake at least. Ohh, drama sounds like a huge comitment, but it's all worth it when the show ends up being amazing!

Have a great weekend :) peace&love, nicole.

Roxy Motion said...

i agree with you. that's insane, really, it is.

and mean.