Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.

Art is how I escape. When I'm sketching, I'm in my own reality and creating a story behind the pictures. Lately, I've been trying to escape as often as I can. Anime is not the only thing I like to draw, but right now it's one of my favorites: It's different. The eyes are a whole heck of a lot easier to draw than human eyes haha. Someone recently asked me what my favorite thing about drawing was. I told him my favorite part was when I was beginning to shade in whatever I'm drawing. In the beginning stage most of the drawing is still white with only (let's say) the clothes shaded in. It looks as if the picture is slowly coming to life.Most of these pictures take me about a week to a day to finish; it really depends on how long I can go without being disturbed. The one above was my first anime drawing, and it took my a day to finish. I'll probably switch things upon later one this summer and draw some more complicated subjects. I think it was last summer that I printed out these amazing pictures of the Seven Deadly Sins, so I think I will actually try to finish them all this summer.

My dad wanted me to draw him something for his office, but I can hardly imagine this hanging on his wall. I chose this one to give to him because it reminded me of myself and two other sisters. Starting from left to right, me, M., and S. The eldest is not pictured, but the last picture kinda reminds me of her. Each of the girls reminds me of our different personalities. The joke would be that we're all in uniform.
Don't worry this one is supposed to be upside down. You all should try this sometime: Take a picture and draw it upside down. Of course, you'll have t leave it that way because the picture will look wrong if you flip it right side up. I have to give credit to Mrs. H. She taught me how to sketch in 9th grade. Since then I haven't had an art class, which is why I stick to pencil instead of color. But I wouldn't mind becoming somewhat of a Jackson Pollock; although, I don't know how people would respond to more paintings like that. I might try that this summer too; it would be fun.


Red said...

Hah! My son is an anime freak. We have already gone to one convention and will be going to another one in the fall.

He is so stoked.

Lenore said...

OMG!!! AMAZING!!! I love your much emotion behind know how i love anime!

I wish I could draw like're gifted, you should really do something with this, you could become famous. Do u readd manga? I recomend Captive Hearts or We Were There, or Sand would like those. The drawing style of each of them is fantastic!

Do you watch anime?! I recomend Honey and Clover, and maybe NANA

I kno that was random...but all those mangas and animes are awesome and since u draw soooo well, they're good inspiration and they're addictive and fun to watch!


A little Princess said...

You have an amazing talent! They're really stunning and well done xoxo