Monday, June 22, 2009

Why Worry?

I'll touch on this subject once again: Guys and those pesky, yet lovable things called relationships. The more I think about them, the more the question 'why worry?' flashes across my mind. We spend so much time worrying over guys, which ones like us, which ones don't, or who's cute or not. We get so caught up in thinking about having a relationship. Trust me, I sound critical, but I'm one of those girls who has one to many romantic ideals. Every romantic movie I see or book I read just makes me want to find someone special that much more, which makes me worry that much more.

Does he like me? Maybe I'm misreading the signals. Are there any signals? Once again I am swept away by a guy; he was in the play with me this year, and I really spent a lot of time with him. It kind of made attraction inevitable. Of course, I thought he only considered me as a friend or at least I thought so until the beginning of summer. I went to a party at a friend's house to burn a bunch of school papers we no longer wanted. He was at the party. Instantly he was at my side and put his arm around my waist, even though, there we were standing in a group. When we all went out to the fire, he did the same thing. We just stood there holding each other by the waist. He was the one who dropped my sister and I off at home, but not without hugging me twice before I went inside. I asked my sister if she thought he liked me: She said no.

Since then it's been the same sort of situation: Instead of hugging me, he holds me (multiple times I might add). If we're in a group, he often moves to stand next to me. Then there are the times were he holds me by the waist. I really want to say he likes me, yet I'm hesitant to make the assumption. It obvious to everyone else and their dogs that I like him. Does he realize that? I asked my older sister what she thought. After hearing what's been going on, she said J. was just a touchy-feely guy, so it might not be anything. After discussing the subject with B. (a girl in his class), she said he's never really done that with any other girl. Well this is confusing.

I'm waiting for him to say something. At the same time, I'm realizing he might not say anything. He's leaving for college at the end of the summer, and there are other things that complicate the matter. I won't go into detail. Knowing this, I shouldn't get all worried. Right?


Tragic Wonder said...

Wow. This sounds like a very messed up situation. If i was you all that "not knowing" would drive me crazy..but this is probably not making you feel any better. sorry.
But, hmmm...should you worry?...or should you not?...
All i can say is, try to completely settle the situation by the time he leaves. b/c if he leaves and you still there, left guessing, that would be the worst thing of all....hope i helped..probably not. ;)
thanks for your comment. :]

A little Princess said...

I love that image!

It's messed up. Take the lead and next time he puts his arm around you, be all ghetto momma and ask if he's doing becuase he likes you or just because. If it's the latter, slap him about so that other hot guys can see that you're totally in control and very much free.

I saw one of my best guys do the same to a girl last night at a bar. He was all touchy just becuase he was into her other friend, I had to slap him about a little! Guys suck!


Red said...

As tough as it would be, you need to ask him.

Tell him you are curious about all the touchy feely stuff and that most guys are not touchy feely unless they are sending some message. So you just want to know what his message is.

Then you will know.

Skippy said...

I'm so not a expert on guys or anything, but guys are very physical. They won't just say "Hey I like you. Do you like me?" That's more of a girl thing. Instead they will show their feelings through hand holding and hugs, something that involes physical interaction.

I think the dude likes you.
But that's just my opinion.
That completly stinks he's going away for school tho at the end of the summer.

Anonymous said...
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