Saturday, December 27, 2008

Amusing Ourselves to Death.

Everything these days is instant. We don't have to wait for anything; we don't even need to use our minds anymore. To us, life is experienced at the click of a button. We can sit on the couch for hours watching mindless television: Channel surfing the endless selection which cable provides until something strikes our fancy. Next we have the computer, which can be deadly. By deadly I mean, there is so much we can find on the world wide web. Many of those sites are things we shouldn't even let our eyes look upon. We can get whatever we want online. We're becoming a mindless people.

Just think back a couple hundred years. There weren't any TVs and no personal computers sitting in houses. Any free time they had was spent reading books and talking to others. People back then actually used their minds, and they enjoyed it. They were far better off than we are now. Back then they knew what it meant to work for a living. Everything they earned was precious to them. In light of recent events, if they were snowed in, they stayed home around a fire. Together. Now we have generators that allow us to watch tv, or use the computer, etc. We can't even be without those things for an hour.

I'm not saying we are completely hopeless today, but there's so much we need to recover. We abuse the technology we have today.


Roxy Motion said...

i fully agree with you.

Mr Bam-bam said...

i agree..but i dont think this is an issue as much as u describe it to be. people will be people and things will go wrong so being picky about stuff like this will only make people upset. but ur writing is good again.