Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Which Way Do I Go?

Lost. Confused. Trying to figure out which path to take is not always an easy one. You stand there looking at which seems safer or more adventurous. But you can only see some of the way down each path; there is still so much that is unknown. So many happy and sad moments to go through, and life changing situations. The only question is which path will I tread and remain fairly unscathed? This requires a lot of thought. Choose the wrong one, and there's no turning around.


I think I know where I want to go now. There isn't anymore hesitation, and now all I have to do is start walking. I'm still a little scared and unsure, but that's all a part of the process: I'm not going to let that fear control every action. I have to live life not audit it. Along the way I'm going to step on some toes (most of the time on accident), and hopefully make my mark on the world. I'm going to learn from every mistake, enjoy every happy moment, and ride the roller coaster of life. I should be excited. There's so much I haven't yet discovered: I haven't even experienced life yet, I've only tasted it.

I'm almost there. Five more months, and then I'll be crossing over the thresh hold. I'll be met with a whole new set of responsibilities and hopefully more maturity. I at least want to know my goals before I make the epic journey into adulthood. The preparation for this event has taken years, and all I can hope for now is that I'll be ready when the time comes. I am so ready to start defining who I am.

I'm sure there's many more out there ready to go through the same thing.


Nicole Linette said...

I've been working so hard the last year trying to define who I am, and figuring out what makes me tick and where I want to go with life. Sort of a failure at it, haha. I wish that I eventually reach the point that you are at, coming to terms with growing up..

Have a spectacular New Year =)

Jocelyn said...

I agree! I am so sick of not knowing which way I want to go and lately I have felt even more lost, so hopefully that will change soon! I am glad that you got it figured out though!

Anonymous said...

It's not who you are underneath but what you do that defines who you are.

That batman really knows his stuff.