Thursday, October 16, 2008

Just Listen.

If you haven't heard of Imogen Heap, I would strongly recommend listening to them. Please listen to the song and tell me your thoughts. How does it make you feel? It makes me feel pensive, and I love the silence after listening to it. I don't know how else to explain it.


Anonymous said...

I liked that a lot. I liked that they didn't have any instruments and I think they wanted to show the power of the human voice. I also liked how at the very beginning of the song it sounded like a masculine voice and morphed into a feminine voice. (Don't know if that's actually true.) I ask "what the hell is going on" all the time. It all seems so trivial . . . to me that's what the song said.

Nicole Linette said...

Ohh Imogen Heap!
It's so synth, but it's chill, not crazy and upbeat.
Sweeet :)


Anonymous said...

4x4 tag alert. :)

just Ivy said...

She was the best thing on the garden state soundtrack. Yeah, she can just get you in a mood.

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