Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ushering the New Year.

First post of the New Year! I hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve. Mine was pretty interesting and filled with lots of laughter. Anyone care to share their New Year's resolution (s)?
I personally don't make them cause most likely I wont keep them = /. But I guess the common one that's pretty much a given is getting through the rest of school, which I'm not exactly excited to go back to on Monday. It feels so nice not having to worry about anything. Actually I have been very overwhelmed, but I procrastinate too much. Look, another flaw haha. There's so much I need to finish before going back to school, yet I find myself sitting around doing nothing.

Does the new year start with stress? The answer is most definitely.

It's been fun though because I've been talking to some friends I haven't talked to in years. Anywho I'll blog about something mildly amusing later.


Anonymous said...

Happy new year! My resolutions on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I really think I can do them -- even if it takes until December 31. :-)

Nicole Linette said...

Happy New Year to youuu too! Haha I did a post on my "improvements", I can't handle resolutions :P I wish I could fix my procrastinating. Gahhh, there's assignments glaring at me in my bedroom right now D: