Monday, January 19, 2009

Make Believe.

I thought some of you would like to see my costume. It's pretty hilarious. The jacket was hand made and the pants are from the 80s. Men were small back then cause I'm wearing a size 7/8. Not to mention the waist comes above belly button (oh so comfortable).

They made me smile with my teeth showing. I'm going to hold a grudge for a long time haha.

Me (the Duke), E (Gweniver), and J (the Pirate King).

Some of the cast starting from left to right: T (Majick), C (Dorothy), M (assistant stage manager), D (not really in the play), E, and J.


Lenore said...

hehe! that is soooo cool!

yea, Edgar allan Poe is amazing!
i like his poem "Lenore"
((as you can see...))
He is really a genius.


cady x said...

Gotta love costumes. LOL.

Roxy Motion said...

ahhh i love your blog. :)