Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Facebook, a Place for Stalkers.

Facebook: Some would call it a great website. A way to catch up with old friends and chat with current ones. What was meant to be a website for college and high school kids (and even adults) has been invaded my children that are clearly too young. Now parental supervision is required just to make sure their kids aren't doing things they shouldn't be. But I think this parental supervision has gone too far. Parents don't stick to checking just what their kids have done on facebook. Instead, they've stooped to the level of checking out everyone their kids are friends with. Facebook has already made spying on people very easy. Everything you do on there is seen be everyone you're friends with. You can even look at pictures of someone you know nothing about. Every conversation on your wall is viewable. There's no privacy. And now you add parents into the mix, and suddenly you feel very exposed.

I have nothing against parents checking their kids' activity on facebook. All I want is for parents to keep it strictly to their kids. I've had another parent tell my parents that I said I hated my life on facebook. I was enraged by this. First and foremost, it wasn't true; I never said anything even remotely close to that on facebook. Also, I didn't like that fact that some parent felt the need to snoop. Unfortunately, I know a lot of parents and other adults who use facebook that way. I don't like it when they read into things or use it to pry into other people's personal life (sometimes it may be unintentional, but still).

Unless I am saying things or doing things I really shouldn't be, I don't want to hear about a parent coming to my parents and telling them what I'm doing on facebook. My parents trust me, and if they want to know, they can look for themselves thank you very much.


The_Brain said...

I'd be ok with parents spying, try your boss or head of the company checking on his employees, now that's disturbing.

Anyway, facebook is literally an open book, they really should work on the privacy settings.

cady x said...

Ugh. That's why I try not to really share my life on Facebook. And I never add family members. LOL.

I like your blog. :)

Alayna Whisper said...

i have alot of family members on facebook, including my parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and one of my grandpa' is EXTREMELY annoying to have them stalking everything I do and judge me based on the friends i have on there. p.s. i like ur blog. :)

Lenore said...

i luv facebook. but im super private on it. i have NO photos that show my face directly. and my mom does look on my facebook sometimes, since she has one herself.

thanx for the comment on my blog. ur right. if we ever do get into a relationship, i'll make sure we're both ready. But honestly, i really think that im not dating anytime soon

anyway, i like him soooo much as a friend, but i sometimes think its soooo much more, plus im sooo sure he only sees me as like a little sister. haha

im in 7th grade, he's in 10th. so its 13 to 15. not SO bad. lol


Cursed♪♫ said...

I agree with you. you should never give out your personal information on these kind of sites. it's not safe ! my parents are also there on facebook. so, i don't have a problem cause they always check out my profile! :) Nice and meaningful post ! Do check out my latest post :)
Keep Blogging!

Anonymous said...

It was referenced in the play she tried to poison Johanna but not the movie.

The_Brain said...

Who tried to poison who ?

Lenore said...

thnx for the comment!

in my opinion, dating is fun, but im not so into it unless its serious. And right now, i feel like im still a kid, so i dont think i wanna be serious right now. I'm waiting to find that special someone, and I have my whole life ahead of me for that.

Plus, my parents are pretty strict on dating, lol.

and, yea, the age difference is not bad at all. Maybe, when im a bit older...


Nicole Linette said...

Ugh, fortunately my parents haven't figured out they could spy on my Facebook, but my sister-in-law has D: She'll comment on my status and say hi to my friends.. it's ridiculous and very annoying. It truly has taken cyber-stalking to a whole other level though :\