Sunday, January 18, 2009

Take a Walk With Me.

This is pretty much what happened all day. And it's times when you walk down memory lane that you realize how truly blessed you are. While I was walking with my dad, brother, and sister we marveled at how many of us shouldn't be here right now. My dad, brother, and I all shouldn't be alive today, but we are. We're here. My sister has a different story

My dad was born prematurely. He was the size of a little kid's shoe box, and my grandma fed him with an eye dropper. She cared for him even though the doctors said he would never make it. As for me, my mom had to be on bed rest for six months. There was some imbalance (I forget exactly what was wrong), but whatever it was would have resulted in a miscarriage or death right after being born. My brother is seriously a miracle. After he was born, my mom noticed he was wheezing. She took him back to the hospital to find out what was wrong. The only doctor who took the wheezing seriously was the one who delivered my brother. It turns out a vein leading to his heart was pinched shut. He went into open heart surgery when he was ten days old. I would try to describe the procedure, but I don't think I'm necessarily qualified. All I know is that it involved flaying open veins. Normally many people don't survive surgeries like that (or so I'm told). My brother will be fourteen in February.
My sister's case is different. Recently she just had surgery on her back to get a lipoma removed. The doctors were able to successfully remove the whole tumor. It was self contained and dangerously close to her spine. If it would have grown around the spine, the doctors wouldn't have been able to remove anything. The lipoma would have slowly continued to grow up her spine eventually killing her. That's worse case scenario.
Just to lighten the mood, my dad used to make us peanut butter and sweet pickle sandwiches. To this day I refuse to eat pickles.


Skippy said...

My cousin was born premature, and seeing pictures of her when she was a whittle tiny baby is so different. She was very very tiny, and was a true miracle.

That's some kind of love, that your Mom was bed bound for six months just to safe her baby. I guess I should never be surprised by a mother's love.

Anonymous said...

I was actually born late by almost a week. I haven't had any serious health problems (unless you count being allergic to penicillin.)

Lenore said...

Thats amazing. I think that You sort of treasure people more when u find out that they couldve never been in your life. You're family is sooooo awesome. I wish that My family would go on walks together.


Cait said...

wow..I remember my friend's mom told me she used to put him in a shoebox when he was a baby..he's like 6'2" now. I hope your sister is staying well.

Well..there is that peanutbutter scare going on now, too...don't even want that. With my dad it was dill pickles instead of sweet pickles with peanutbutter. He also loves mustard and onion sandwiches too.

Lenore said...

thnx for the comment. I found the "think of me" quote on Quizila and I just HAD to post it!!

and, yea. I'm praying that someday, Him and I might give it a go. I think that we would be great together.

And its great that ur family has times like that. Where you all have fun together. I guess all of our families have our hard times as well.

I guess you could say my family's had quite a few...


Nicole Linette said...

WOW, what luck.. your family must be really blessed =:) Not that I'm a fatist, but something's there that's definitely meant to keep you all alive and together.

Hahahaha, I've heard of pickles and peanut butter, but I wasn't planning on trying it anyday soon X)